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Formbaip is a bilingual, indigenous teacher training program in the Peruvian Amazon. Its mission is to affirm its teachers trainees in their identity, in their academic competencies and in their research and teaching, as well as provide them with the skills and attitudes they need to respond to the problems and challenges their communities face. With a focus on human development, this educational community innovatives and contributes to the well being of an intercultural society.

We Serve

Formabiap carries out exchanges that strengthen Initial Teaching Training in Bilingual Intercultural Education. For instance, Formabiap and the Institute of Public Higher Education in the district of "Loreto" worked with teachers and the administrative team of the Institute of "Tupac Amaru" of the district of Tinta, province from Canchis, in the Cusco region. The objective was to share the work of both institutions to strengthen Initial Teacher Training in EIB for both the Amazonian and Andean indigenous peoples.