Revitalising Education

Educere – from the Latin meaning: to lead out with creative thought 

We are a global community of individuals concerned with reimagining and revitalising education. Open to upending orthodox notions associated with expertise, skills and learning, our aim is to provide a space where alternative and novel forms of knowledge and understanding can be shared and explored. To facilitate this aim, we actively gather projects, ideas and individuals that respond to ways of caring, to the expression of creativity, to evoking resilience and who contribute methods that enable all life on earth to flourish. 

Our hope is to inspire meaningful paradigm shifts by enabling a fertile wealth of ideas and methods to congregate, collaborate and cross-pollinate into unique expressions on our platform. If you want your imagination sparked and sense that current practices in education fail to nourish the future, you will be interested – and may want to join us - in what we are doing. 

Our community includes people from all walks of life - academics, practitioners, educators, authors, artists – but this site relies on a core group to deliver and maintain this content. 

Each member of the core group brings their own flavour of expertise to the mix and volunteer their time and energy to challenge each other, clear the way and generate insight. We all have very different life stories and are working in different geographical areas on different subjects, but each of us is interested in how to approach the future, and how to use knowing or knowledge to creatively bring living back to life.